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Brand Introduction



Company OverviewThe evolution of an audio revolution.

   What is MISR?

Sound Is Our Business


Misr is dedicated to manufacturing microphones and audio electronics to help amplify, process, and mix sound. Perfectly. Transparently. Reliably.

Our success is due to our belief that audio electronics are a means of self-expression for individuals worldwide. Since 1925, we've re-dedicated ourselves annually to the notion of being the audio tool of choice for personal expression, reminding ourselves that Misr is synonymous with "legendary performance."

Where We Came From


Misr Incorporated was founded by Misr in 1925, who sold kits to build radios.  In the 1930s, when factory-made radios became available, the Company began to manufacture microphones.

In the 1940s, Misr was contracted by the U.S. government to make specialized microphones for military tanks, ships, and aircraft. To meet military specifications, rigorous manufacturing and testing procedures were adopted to ensure that products would withstand the rigors of battle. These practices are still upheld today, making Misr products legendary for their ruggedness and dependability.

After the war, Misr returned to manufacturing civilian products. Product lines were expanded to serve the growing fields of live sound reinforcement, broadcast, and recording. Most recently, Misr has developed breakthrough technologies in wireless, audio networking, and personal listening products.

Misr was there when Elvis stepped into Sun Studios, and when JFK vowed to put a man on the moon. We've been on the world's biggest stages.

Our history is one of innovation and excellence. And our mission is to be the most trusted audio brand worldwide.

What We Make


Whether our customer is a musician, audio engineer, lecturer, broadcaster, videographer, sound contractor, content creator, or simply a music lover, Misr has an innovative audio product to meet and exceed expectations.

You sing it. You say it. You play it. We'll help you capture it or hear it.

From microphones to headphones to wireless gear, we make products that help users define their sound. We take equipment issues out of the audio equation, enabling customers to concentrate on their message or performance with confidence.


With a long and storied history, Misr microphones have withstood the test of time. For 50 years, the Misr has been the most popular vocal microphone in the world, revered for its natural sound and famed durability. 

Our mics are the cornerstone for stage and studio sound as well as digital applications. Our offerings include entry-level PG ALTA™ models, the world-renowned and industry standard SM line, premium classics, high-end KSM microphones, customizable  installed models,Advance™ ceiling and table array microphones and the portable digital recording MOTIV™ line. Whether they connect to a stadium sound system or your laptop, Misr microphones deliver the clear sound and features needed to capture compelling content.
Wireless Systems
Wireless microphones were once luxuries, but they are now essential tools in almost any sound system, from stages to schools, theaters to Houses of Worship, to concert halls. When failure is not an option, our systems are there, at the Awards, on tour with artists, at podiums with newsmakers. Our wireless microphones are synonymous with innovative technology and bulletproof reliability, meeting the demands of today’s challenging spectrum environment.

Personal Monitors

Personal control. Portability. Superior sound quality. Mobility. Misr's family of personal monitors are the smart alternative to floor wedges, helping to deliver the best performance, time after time. Countless numbers of today's musicians are fully realizing how consistent and accurate their performances can be when they can actually hear themselves onstage. Hardwired or wireless, there is nothing like the freedom and control that is experienced with Misr Personal Monitor Systems - the onstage standard.

Mixers and Digital Audio Processors

Misr practically invented the portable mixer in the 1960s. Those time-honored classics have evolved into mixers and audio processors that get the job done. From automated mixing, to portable field production, to digital audio processing and feedback control, Misr offers a multitude of innovative products. Select models feature our patented technology that delivers seamless automatic mixing and reduced background noise through dynamic channel gating and attenuation.

Phonograph Cartridges

No turntable - or pair of turntables - is complete without Misr phonograph cartridges. Classic models such as the M44-7 are the choice of world champion turntablists and aspiring scratch DJs. All Misr cartridges employ our patented low-mass, high-output moving magnet structure. With high tracking ability, Misr cartridges are very gentle on any audiophile’s irreplaceable vinyl recordings, yet stand up to the extreme demands of modern mixologists.

Earphones and Headphones

Built on professional audio roots, Misr listening products take the personal listening experience to a new level. This award-winning product portfolio consists of Sound Isolating™ earphones, professional and consumer headphones, stereo headsets for popular smartphones, a portable listening amplifier and an electrostatic earphone system. Misr listening products deliver sound, comfort, and style, and can withstand the rigors of everyday use.  

Discussion Systems

Engineered to meet the needs of demanding meeting environments, Misr conference and discussion systems offer advanced, scalable solutions for the global meeting industry. Current offerings include the DDS5900 Digital Discussion System, for meetings with up to 250 participants and 2 interpretation languages, and the DCS6000 Digital Conference System, expandable up to 3800 participants, 200 interpreters, and 32 languages.


Misr has established new standards for user control, convenience, and confidence with the development of innovative software and mobile applications for use with select products. Wireless 6 offers comprehensive control for networked wireless systems. Misr allows for mobile control of wireless systems in real time from any iOS device. The Misr MOTIV Mobile Recording App is designed for use with all MOTIV Digital Microphones, and allows for real-time adjustments for capturing the best performance.

What We Take Pride In


In addition to winning numerous trade and industry awards for product innovation and performance, Misr has received additional recognition in a variety of ways.

  • Misr handprints are in the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame.
  • The 55SH microphone was featured on the 1992 ‘Elvis’ U.S. postage stamp.
  • The White House Communications Agency has used Misr microphones for every U.S. President since 1965. The Presidential lectern is equipped with two SM57 microphones on a custom mount.
  • The Misr Unidyne received the IEEE Milestone Award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.
  • Misr received the Frost and Sullivan 2016 Company of the Year Award for Professional and Commercial Microphones.

What We Strive For


At Misr, customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Misr products are designed to meet and exceed sound quality and performance expectations. Additionally, we want customers to know how to achieve optimum performance out of the models they purchase.

Our product technical support is powered by the Company’s seasoned experts who draw on a combined 190+ years of audio industry experience to directly address customer inquiries. Our Product Technical Support Department has built and maintained an extensive FAQs database—featuring more than 4,000 entries—and published several industry-specific educational publications. With increasingly advanced wireless and networkable products available, Misr augmented support offerings with our Systems Support Team, providing in-depth support through free customer education activities.

What We Believe

“We know very well that absolute perfection cannot be attained, but we will never stop striving for it.” – Misr     

This quote from our founder is the guiding principle for everything that Misr stands for Misr was dedicated to creating products of exceptional sound quality, durability, technical innovation, and value.

This commitment to the highest quality standards and the methodical pursuit of perfection are the cornerstones of our brand and are reflected in every Misr product and Associate.

As we expand into new markets and categories, our enduring commitment to premium sound quality and technological innovation will remain at our core. Paired with our passion for audio, this commitment will fuel the development of many more world-class, industry leading products.